Sunday, November 30, 2008

As Yet Unnamed Project

Amnesty International-E is proud and honored to present our first of many projects in Second Life to help raise awareness of human rights around the world: We are going to produce a video in Second Life working with one of SL’s premiere machinima production companies ( Think “We Are the World” of avatars.

We are asking any and all SL musicians and songwriters to submit an MP3 (details to follow) of your ORIGINAL song relative to human rights. Enter as many songs as are relative. The members of Amnesty International-E will vote on the song which will represent us. We hope that many, many musicians will want to participate in the performance of the song for the video which will be posted both in world and on the web. We are also working on coordinating a real life premiere. All of the details will follow on our blog relative to this project as they are more clearly defined. (

Right now we’re looking at a January 31st, 2009 deadline for all music submissions. We will set up a site on 4shared where you can post your MP3’s. You’ll need to contact either Gamma Infinity, millay Freschi, or Elye Aya in world to get the posting information when you’re ready. After January 31st, AI-E group members will vote through the proposals in the group (we’ll ask LL to verify that there aren’t any alts set up for the voting) and the song will be announced on February 14th at a concert where we hope submitting artists will share their talents. At that time production will begin! We would LOVE for all musicians to take part in the production. The more voices that rise, the more awareness we raise.

We’re all very excited about this project and about bringing more awareness to Second Life’s fantastic musical talent, platform and, of course - always, to human rights.

I can’t wait to see what might come about!! Stay tuned!